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Do you need to be a professional to install landscape lighting?


Although it’s always a good idea to hire a professional for best results, many landscape lighting options can be easily installed without the assistance of a licensed professional or electrician. However, if you are using line voltage lighting, you will need to hire an electrician for installation. Using the guide below, you can set up your own landscape lighting to add ambiance to any backyard.


 With no wiring needed, solar landscape lights are the easiest and safest to install. Depending on your décor and space requirements, the fixtures you choose may vary. There are many options available, including small lights to go along pathways and pole-mounted lights for illuminating larger areas. Once you’ve decided on the fixture that best suits your needs, mark the location where the fixture is to be installed. It will need to be in an area with abundant sunshine, and also out of the way of lawnmowers or plant trimmers. To complete the installation process, simply attach the light fixture to a stake and secure it deep enough into the ground so it won’t become removed during inclement weather.

Low Voltage

 Low voltage landscape lights provide plenty of light without using large amounts of energy, and many come with a starter kit that includes all of the materials you’ll need. To begin, simply mount the transformer or power pack outside in accordance with the instructions that are provided with your kit. Connect the cable to the power pack, and lay out the cable according to your desired lighting arrangement. Lastly, connect the fixtures to the cable. You can cover up the cables with soil for a seamless appearance.

Line voltage

Line voltage landscape lighting is much more complex, requires trenching, and is labor intensive. You will need to hire an electrician to install any landscape lights that operate using line voltage.

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