Dual-Lite Emergency Lighting

Dual-Lite EV4DB
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Dual-Lite EV4DB
Dual-Lite LED Emergency Light, 4W Double Head Remote Damp Listed 145 Lumens - Black
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About Dual-Lite Emergency Lighting

Dual-lite is a progressive and strong Company and produces modern and safe emergency lighting units. High standards and strict requirements for quality make Dual-lite products interesting and attractive for customers all over the world. Westside Wholesale offers meticulously selected emergency lighting products from Dual-lite Company. Our customers will be undoubtedly glad with pricing and quality of these devices for houses and commercial buildings.

EZ-series is a perfect example of the philosophy of the Company simple and functional. Self-contained independent emergency lighting unit is suitable for variable needs. This unit with many adjustable options is the best solution for commercial offices and residential houses. As many other emergency lighting units from Dual-lite this one is made of injection-molded and frame-rated thermoplastic which is also completely UV-stable being fire-proof and safe.

Emergency lightings can be used as additional lighting in residential houses or as parts of an independent emergency lighting system, which is used in case of power outage. Snow-white bright textured finish allows homeowners to use lightings without any harm to their interior. Lightings can be inconspicuous in any room due to their compact size and neutral color.

Westside Wholesale offers its customers to try out Dual-lite emergency lighting units for lighting kitchens, doorways, bathrooms and utility rooms. The universal wall-mounting model ensures easiness and solidity of fixing. Rechargeable and universal lead-calcium battery provides long periods of lighting without maintenance. Batteries can be changed with any compatible battery type including Cyclon and other EnergySys products. EZ-series uses 5.4 incandescent lamps as a light source. Homeowners can use Dual-lite emergency lightings in along with emergency lighting system of their own since Dual-lite lightings are totally independent and available with self-diagnostic electronics.

The construction of Dual-lite lightings is simplistic and practical. Lightings have no unnecessary details and parts. They serve the purposes of security and reliability, yet they have stylish outlook and textured finish to fit in any modern interior. Our customers can be sure that they will never have to look for candles in case of power outage with Dual-lite emergency lightings.

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