System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors

About System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors

Westside Wholesale provides a wide array of System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors that will fit the needs of any residential or commercial building. Installing such devices in the building increases the chances of discovering smoke in time to prevent it from spreading into a fire. Duct Smoke Detectors also serve as a helpful tool in creating safe and secure environment in every room of the building.

System Sensor uses innovative technologies and high quality materials to create functional, precise and reliable devices human lives depend on. System Sensor Detectors can sense smoke in different temperature and humidity conditions, providing improved false alarm immunity and simple maintenance during their lifetime.

Installation process of System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors is made easy thanks to improved cover design that prevents sensitive components of the device from damaging and has a built-in short circuit protection offered during installation.

The line of System Sensor Devices presented at Westside Wholesale includes 4-Wire Photoelectric Low-Flow Duct Smoke Detector, Duct-Mounted Sampling Tubes and that can Multi-Signal Accessory Test Station be assembled into an interconnected smoke detecting system with up to 50 InnovairFlex devices in it.

The most important thing of System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors is that they help avoid panic and chaos in case of emergencies. Low-flow Photoelectric Sensor offers accurate smoke detection and makes the process of locating its source easier and faster. This gives the opportunity to evacuate people from the building and oftentimes prevent the smoke from damaging property.

Westside Wholesale aims to provide best customer service possible that is why it offers affordable prices, additional discounts on selected items, manufacturer’s warranty and fast shipping. Ordering System Sensor Duct Smoke Detectors from Westside Wholesale online store is the best option when looking for reliable fire-safety devices that not only protect you and your family but also help save money.

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