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Hart & Cooley UL-181B-FX (11372)
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Hart & Cooley UL-181B-FX (11372)
Hart & Cooley Flexible Duct Tape - Silver, 2" x 120 YDS
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About Hart & Cooley Duct Work

Westside Wholesale presents an excellent line of materials for duct work including goods by Hart & Cooley. The prices offered at Westside Wholesale are efficient and the lowest on the web. Besides, there are special discounts and bonuses on product delivery. Buy H&C flex ducts and enjoy working without effort. The process of ventilation system adjustment becomes simple.

The company produces goods for individual and commercial use as well. The output is positioned as a perfect economical solution to air-handling necessities. The insulation is free of formaldehyde which is environmentally friendly. Choose between boxes and banded bags. Any length is available. Duct size varies from 3 to 16"".

Air ducts with polyethylene and metalized jackets are manufactured. The first group gives an upgraded protection against UV-rays. Take the reinforcing yarn scrim of fiberglass when installing the duct. The items suit any application with R-value equal to 4.2, 6.0 and 8.0. The second group is highly durable and tear-resistant being reinforced with scrim of the identical type. Due to such insulation thermal protection provided is outstanding (Possible R-values are 4.2, 6.0 and 8.0).

H&C air flexible ducts conform to the standards (UL-listed, ADC-certified, certificated by Greenguard for Children & Schools). Moreover, The company has got Level-4 by Greenguard for the highly microbial resistance.

H&C provides customers with a fine assortment of flex ducts:

  • Residential Series: Containing a two-ply polyester core. Air velocity supposed is 5000 FPM (maximum). The operated pressure allowed is 6"" W.C. positive for 12"" diameter and under 4"" W.C. positive for 14"" diameter and over.
  • Commercial Series: Producing with multi-ply metalized polyester laminate cores, sustaining high pressure. Variants with metalized polyester core suppose air velocity to be up to 6000 FPM (maximum). Variants with corrugated aluminum core suppose air velocity to be up to 5000 FPM (maximum). The operated pressure allowed is 6"" W.C. positive for up to 12"" diameters and 4"" W.C. positive for diameters of 14"" and over.

All flexible ducts by Hart & Cooley are reliable and high-grade. The items are performance-tested that is why customers have no need of calling back. Numerous years of service are sure to satisfy any client.

Choose appropriate devices in Westside Wholesale, enjoy simple ordering and fast delivery. Dealing with Westside Wholesale is advantageous and affordable.

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