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Ductless Air Conditioners


Ductless air conditioners use electricity to power a reversible, 2-way heat pump that compresses and transfers air from outdoors and indoors.


These innovative air conditioning systems are adept at cooling and heating your home efficiently, making it a very popular choice among home owners. In fact, ductless air conditioners are so efficient that you will likely save a significant amount of money in energy costs, due to the fact that the unit can cool and heat, allowing you to enjoy year-round comfort.

Ideal for Smaller Living Spaces

Given their quick cooling and heating capabilities, ductless air conditioners are ideal for smaller living spaces and rooms. They can effectively chill a small room within 15 minutes and easily maintain a comfortable temperature thereafter. Many ductless units also provide a range of features that cater to small living spaces, like silent performance cycles, air filtering to remove contaminants, and other programmable cycles. Most units are also very unobtrusive, which can be helpful if your room has limited wall space. Whether your room is 300 square feet or 1500 square feet, ductless air conditioners can accommodate rooms of many sizes.

Energy Considerations

Compared with forced air or electric resistance systems, ductless systems operate using approximately 25%-50% less energy. Additionally, many units qualify for tax credits, which allows you to save even more money on energy costs.


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