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Ecobee EB-PS-01
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Ecobee EB-PS-01
Ecobee Thermostat Power Supply Adapter (Open Box Item)
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Ecobee was created in 2007 to provide a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities for both residential and commercial use. It has since established itself as an intuitively designed product that is as easy to use as it is attractive and sleek. An Ecobee thermostat can reduce energy costs while providing intuitive, increased comfort when it comes to setting temperatures.

These intelligently designed Ecobee digital thermostats typically feature controlled access and easy monitoring functions. Controlled access allows the user to have complete control over thermostat settings and to create different permissions, which can limit access or lock out the thermostat in order to minimize energy consumption. Ecobee's remote diagnostics and reporting tools, on the other hand, provide insight to help you remotely identify and assess energy waste thereby reducing administration time and HVAC service costs.

Controlling Ecobee thermostats remotely is also very simple. WiFi thermostats can be accessed from afar through smartphones, tablets, or computers. This can significantly reduce energy output and can guarantee a comfortable home when returning from being out. Plus, Ecobee makes it possible to apply standardized operating procedures across all locations equipped with their smart thermostats in order to create consistent, thoroughly controlled heating and cooling.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Ecobee products. These Ecobee residential thermostats work with 95% of residential HVAC systems, meaning that these products can help almost any homeowner experience improved comfort and energy savings. Similarly, Ecobee commercial thermostats are compatible with virtually all commercial heating and cooling equipment. We also stock a wide range of accessories to provide an even better experience when using an Ecobee thermostat.