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Eemax Tankless Water Heaters.

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Eemax was established in 1988 with a line of tankless water heaters for commercial applications ranging in size from .5gpm to 1.5gpm. The original Eemax technology was patented and was quickly recognized as the most flexible technology on the market. Since then, the company has expanded its range to include many different applications in many different locations, including introducing its first line of residential tankless water heaters in 2000.

Tankless water heaters are a relatively new innovation and many don't realize the benefits of an Eemax tankless water heating system. For one, a tankless water heater can save energy in home and businesses through having 99% thermal energy efficiency. Comparably sized water heaters with tanks only have about 65% efficiency.

Eemax tank-less water heaters are up to 90% smaller than a traditional water heater tank, which allows you to put them anywhere, even under a bathroom sink. Easily heat water instantly where you use it, so you don’t have to waste water while waiting for the water to heat up.

This energy efficiency provides savings, but it also contributes to the comfort of the home. It allows for water that is heated faster when the user needs it. Eemax boosts this efficiency through use of technologically-advanced direct heating technology that includes quartz tubes and sheathed elements in various lab tests. This outstanding technology transfers heat directly to the water, heating it faster and giving you hot water instantly.

Eemax water heaters are also compatible with most homes and offer point-of-access use as well as full home options. For those who live in areas with hard water, for instance, an Eemax tankless water heater is designed to reduce liming and calcification. To accomplish this, it uses a patented water flow that constantly removes particles from the heating element even while the water is getting heated.

Here at Westside Wholesale, we are authorized to sell a wide range of Eemax heaters, including electric and mini-tank models. We believe that our customers will be satisfied with the brand, especially as Eemax tankless water heaters are known to last over 20 years. Plus, the company offers very competitive warranties, often both on parts and the heater body itself.

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