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About Elco Lighting LED Lighting

The market today is filled with numerous lighting options for a different range of prices. The lighting has become an integral part of interior design that is aimed for commercial and domestic use. With many companies that exist today in the lighting industry, ELCO Lighting stands out with its 20 years of dedicated growth and search for implementation of new technological advancements. The reason that Elco LED lighting products continue to gain more popularity due to their extended quality features and attractive design.

Energy-saving became a priority for many homeowners. The purchase of LED lighting is the foremost step in energy sustainability and lowering expensive utility costs. Elco LED lighting has proven to reduce the energy wastage by 50%-90% if one compares it to the traditional lighting products. The Elco lighting does not contain any hazardous substances and are completely environmentally-safe. Let’s take a look at the LED lighting advantages and features.

ELCO LED lighting Features List:

  • Long life-span. Elco LED bulbs and diodes have exceptional working time that equals over 15-25 years of average operations. While the conventional light bulbs tend to burn out, the ELCO LED bulbs doesn’t require to be changed due to their really long life-span.
  • Energy-Efficiency. The Elco LED lighting is found to be highly efficient and is enabled to save over 80% of electrical energy comparing to traditional lighting. Only 20% of energy is being utilized allowing to save on electrical bills.
  • Eco-Friendly. The Elco LED lighting is completely eco-friendly. The materials include silicon and germanium, it is a perfect eco-friendly hazard-free semiconductor materials. The Elco products are completely 100% recyclable without causing any type of carbon emissions.

Having a broad range of LED lighting products, the Elco company has proven to be a leader of lighting sales as well. The products by Elco are highly reliable and moderately priced. They are completely user friendly and are able to bring as much light as needed.

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