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About Elco Lighting Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of products by Elco, a trusted and famous company on the market of electrical equipment for commercial and household use. This product line consists of the well-thought-out items, presented for sale by this online store at the best prices. Electrical transformers by Elco are one of the most amazing solutions due to their reliability and durability qualities.

Electrical Transformers: What For? The electrical transformers are electrical devices, which usually arrange voltage between different levels. In this process, the principle of magnetic induction between the coils to convert voltage and current rates is applied to reach better results. For example, the voltage rates of 120V can be converted down to 12V if the lower voltage rates are required. Furthermore, the other advantage of electrical transformers is that they are nergy efficient and they can reduce electrical costs and protect the other electrical devices from network fluctuations at the same time. When dividing or multiplying voltage, electrical transformers make long distance power transmissions. There are 2 kinds of transformers: step up and step down. Step up electrical transformers help devices to operate with higher voltages, and step down devices transform energy to lower rates, like the home’s doorbell, which is initially running on 100 VAC, and then is converted to 12 VAC.

Elco Electrical Transformers at the Westside Wholesale. Features and Specifications:

  • Easy to install;
  • Includes quick connectors for under-cabinet lighting;
  • 150V at 50/60Hz;
  • AC input: 120V;
  • AC output: 12V;
  • Can be connected with up to 7 lines in one circuit;
  • convert a medium screw base line voltage light to the lower voltage MR16 type light;
  • Fits most 6" recessed housings, equipped with retro-fit trims (sold separately);
  • convert line voltage (120V) to low voltage (12V);
  • wattage is reduced while DC units do not;
  • Wattage: 50W;
  • Output base: MR16;
  • Input base: medium screw type;
  • Rating: 60VA;
  • Color: white;
  • 2 Year warranty from Elco.

Elco Lighting ETR150, Elco Lighting ETRK50, and Elco Lighting ETR60 are one of the most splendid offers that are for sale at the Westside Wholesales. Electrical transformers by Elco are always of the highest quality and reliability. They are available for the customers of our online store.

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