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Elco Lighting was founded in 1991 and since then it had been a strictly innovating Company. The very concept of their emergency lighting products is a concept of efficiency and reliability. Westside Wholesale offers its customers to choose from a wide variety of reasonably priced and effective emergency lightings and exit signs from Elco Lightings Company.

Elco Lighting promotes Light-emitting diodes as a modern and progressive light source; therefore, most of its products is LED-based. EELE1 is a LED-based exit sign with battery backup. EDGLIT2R, EDGLIT2G a double-sided signs with LED light source. EE87HR, EE83HR are combined with adjustable emergency light units and have battery back-up. A light-emitting diode is a very economical light source. Semiconductors consume less energy to generate more light and, therefore, provide high financial efficiency. LED light sources also work longer with batteries to maintain lighting in case of long-term power outage. It is evenly useful for commercial buildings and residential houses.

Westside Wholesale offers its customers to focus their attention on Elco Lighting EE20L. This emergency lighting is ergonomic, simple and easy to install. Two 5.6W light heads are fully adjustable and have in-built reflectors combined with textured glass to dispel the light effectively. This is a good choice for residential house and our customers will find these lightings suitable for any room in the house. Businesspersons will be satisfied with energy efficient and practical self-illuminating exit signs EE80S and EE81S. Self-illuminating signs need no electricity to operate and, therefore, dramatically reduce energy costs.

EE31X and EE97HR use incandescent lamps as light source and have simplistic and practical construction. These are a good choice for an affordable price. Many homeowners and businesspersons will choose EE31X for its low price and high practicality.

All Elco Lighting emergency lighting units and exit signs are constructed of injection-molded thermoplastic. All products have textured finishes and stylish outlook to fit in any interior. They are compact, firm and ergonomic. Accessories are compatible with many other products from different manufacturers (batteries, lamps etc.) and easy to change and install. Universal fixtures make the installation process of the lightings easy and quick.

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