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About Elco Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting

Westside Wholesale presents a wide range of lighting products by Elco. Elco lighting is known all over the world for the best quality and reliability lighting fixtures for residential and commercial application.

One of the product lines we stock at Westside Wholesale is Elco under cabinet lighting line that comprises numerous variations of plug in under cabinet lights, low voltage surface mount cans and accessories such as linkable cables and on/off switches.

All the products of the line we offer to purchase in our online shop come mainly in white classic color with additional variations of brushed nickel, bronze, black, chrome colors.

The fixtures we stock are low profile and energy efficient ones with fluorescent light. These features make them a really ideal choice for under cabinet installation. The units of under cabinet lighting come equipped with electronic ballasts that provide 60% cooler operation than other preheat ballasts, it reduces sufficiently operation noise as well and gives possibility to eliminate lamp flicker.

Mini halogen down light fixtures we stock at Westside Wholesale provide an excellent source of lighting at any area that needs small powerful light. This easy to wire lighting system is just ideal for under cabinet indoor lighting. It can be recessed or surface mounted with the help of included can. The system is dimmable, with low voltage incandescent dimmers.

Westside Wholesale offers the best items for outstandingly attractive prices with no ship costs implied.

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