Acme Electric Electrical Transformers

Acme Electric T253011S
$179.99 /each
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Acme Electric T253011S
Acme Electric Transformer, 120V/240V/480V, 50/60Hz Electronic Single Phase, Shielded Isolation
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Acme Electric T279743S
$364.99 /each
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Acme Electric T279743S
Acme Electric Transformer, 3KVA, 1P, 120/208/240/277V, Isolation
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About Acme Electric Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers a great variety of electrical transformers including those designed and produced by Acme. This kind of electrical equipment works well in all sorts of residences and offices where energy fluctuations happen very often, reasoned of the old or defected electrical network. With the help of electrical transformers, it is possible to protect many other kinds of electrical equipment in a house or an office building. Acme transformers are one of the best in the variety of product lines.

Features and specifications

The variety of items presented by the Westside Wholesale have such specifications:

  • ACME T-3-53044-S,120V/240V/480V, 50/60Hz, 5000 VoltAmps;
  • ACME T-2-53014-4S, 120V/240V/480V, 60Hz, 5000 VoltAmps;
  • ACME T-2-53010-S,120V/240V/480V, 60Hz,1000 Volt Amps;
  • ACME T-1-53005, 120V/240V/480V, 50/60Hz,100 VoltAmps;
  • ACME T-2A-53328-1S,120V/240V/480V, 60Hz, 3000 VoltAmps;
  • ACME T-2-53011-S, 120V/240V/480V, 50/60Hz,1500 VoltAmps;
  • ACME T-3-53043-S, 120V/240V/480V, 60Hz, 3000 VoltAmps.

These items are almost of the same voltage, but the rates of electric current may vary greatly. The prices of these electrical transformers in most of cases depend on these rates. Some of the items are wall mount, which makes them comfortable in use.

There are also some other impressive features of Acme electrical transformers, which make them the best buying solutions:

  • Durability and reliability;
  • Weather resistance;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Eco-friendly materials, used for their production;
  • Good in use for houses and offices;
  • High stability of electrical network they are able to reach;
  • Single- and 3-phased items.

The Westside Wholesale cares of every customer who wants to buy the best products and get the quality for their money. Electrical transformers by Acme are the best solution for those who desire to protect their equipment from possible damages caused by the fluctuations of the electrical network. The best offers from Westside Wholesale are presented at great prices that affordable for every American family. Furthermore, the majority of the items are shipped for free, and that makes all of them even more affordable. Some of the discounts offered by the Westside Wholesale, including the possibility to earn special online “dollars”, which can be spent on the next purchases as good option for the existing and new customers.

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