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ET2 Contemporary Lighting has designed a range of modern lighting fixtures, products, and accessories for the cultured customer. Based out of Los Angeles, ET2 Lighting meticulously blends elegant finishes, bold designs, and bright, energy-efficient lamps. This can be seen in every product, from their beautiful ceiling lighting fixtures to their indoor and outdoor wall lights. Westside Wholesale is honored to be an authorized retailer of a wide range of ET2 Contemporary Lighting products.

The selection of ET2 lights in the Westside Wholesale store includes many LED fixtures, which require a fraction of the wattage as comparable incandescent or halogen lights. These include modern art-inspired chandeliers and bright ceiling lights that don't eschew aesthetics for performance. ET2 outdoor lights also make use of LED technology and are often wet listed, though they are often used for indoor lighting as well. Its range of path lights also help provide elegant outdoor illumination that increases safety as well as the beauty of an outdoor space.

Furthermore, ET2 is known for their RapidJack pendant designs. This collection of hanging pendant ceiling lights allows for a wire-free, no hassle installation. The customer simply has to pick a desired ET2 Lighting canopy, choosing between multiple styles, finishes, and number of pendant lights. Then, the user simply has to choose their ET2 pendants from the RapidJack collection, allowing for a very customized installation.

ET2 is also a leader in modern LED under cabinet lighting. It has created both LED tape lights and LED channel lights as a part of its StarStrand collection. ET2 tape lights come in many styles, both in 12V and 24V options, and can be placed in many different locations, as they adhere discreetly to most surfaces. StarStrand channel lights are similar to the tape lights, but come in durable housings that conceal the light source and are great for commercial and retail under cabinet use. ET2 Lighting channel and tape lights also come in color and adjustable color temperature options, as well as waterproof versions.