Exhaust System

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About Exhaust System

Exhaust systems are essential in creating a healthy atmosphere within a building regardless of whether it’s a house, shopping mall or office space. Because of that, Westside Wholesale has selected the best accessories and details that you may need during the installation of your new exhaust system.

Items that the store has for sale include Panasonic, Broan, Aprilaire and Fantech exhaust systems and energy recovery ventilators for 4” and 6” duct work.

Having such applications installed in your ventilation system offer many benefits that you might enjoy. For example, having fresh air in your home all year round. Also, the applications that you see in this section can reduce the contents of dangerous indoor air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, smoke or dust in the house. Moreover, energy recovery ventilators can operate on the energy contained in the indoor air, thus reducing your electricity bills.

Most of the devices can be installed as part of the central cooling or heating system. This means you don’t necessarily have to have a ventilation system to fill your home with fresh air. The kits come with the necessary mounting accessories and instructions.

Since Westside Wholesale only sells products from the brands it trusts, all of the exhaust systems come with a warranty and reasonable pricing. Furthermore, when ordering ventilation supplies in a bundle, you receive additional discounts and free shipping options.

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