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Fakro attic ladders, sun tunnels, and skylights cover a wide range of helpful applications. Founded in 1991 in Poland, the company prizes the high quality and reliability of its many products. To accomplish this, Fakro has created an extensive quality control system to thoroughly test its manufacturing process and products it creates. Plus, its large research and development department regularly innovates new solutions for common problems, including a commitment to eco-conscious products and features that help protect homes from burglary.

A Fakro attic ladder is a reliable way to access storage spaces and fire escape routes. They come in many styles and some offer additional features like additional hatch door insulation and compact dimensions. You can sort your Fakro loft ladder by height, number of steps, load capacity, material, and other attributes. Certain materials are better for different applications and locations, so be sure to looks around to find the best ladder for your needs. Accessories for Fakro attic stairs include additional steps, handrails, and more, all which can better tailor your ladder for your specific needs.

Fakro roof windows are well-made and are known for their one person installation. While we recommend that a professional contractor installs your skylight, this feature can make the whole process much easier and affordable. A Fakro window is also well-insulated and has extra protection against condensation. These air-venting and fixed skylights, as well as Fakro's line of sun tunnels, are designed for many types of roofs. We offer models for deck and egress mounting, in many different sizes.

If you have any questions about Fakro products, feel free to contact a Westside Wholesale team member. We'll help you get the right Fakro window and ladder for your unique home layout. Westside Wholesale also carries a large selection of Fakro accessories, such as flashings, mosquito screens, and more.