Fantech Exhaust System

Fantech Fit120H
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Fantech Fit120H
Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator, 120 CFM, 5" Oval Duct
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About Fantech Exhaust System

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer to its consumers a product line of exhaust systems by globally famous brand Fantech. Fantech offers an outstanding quality of its products that will help our consumers to protect their bathrooms using the exhaust systems that are powerful but still quiet.

Westside Wholesale offers to buy multi port exhaust systems for 4 and 5 inch duct depending on the model. They were specially developed and designed to be installed in areas with limited space. The systems became a really popular choice for apartment buildings in areas between the floors and for high rise office complexes.

There is no need to use transitions or adapters with the system as the exhaust points are connected directly into one central fan. A special design of the exhaust system with impeller that is both dynamically and statically balanced provides quiet, vibration free performance for comfortable use.

As numerous exhaust points go all in one fan the penetration into walls or roof is minimum. The external rotor motor of the system is easily removable out of housing without disturbing the whole system installation.

The simple installation of the exhaust system makes it attractive solution even for inexperienced house owners. The user just need to select a location for mounting, bearing in mind the application type, service accessibility and the distance from the point in order to minimize operating noise of the fan. We remind that Westside Wholesale delivers all the products for no shipping cost and at the lowest prices online.

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