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What are the advantages of a programmable thermostat?

Different programmable thermostats offer many different features. However, because they are electronic, they are all more accurate and efficient than thermostats that contain mercury. With programmable thermostats you can control the temperature in your home at different times of day without ever touching your thermostat. Because everything is automatic, you will never forget to change the setting on your own.

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What is Full Spectrum Lighting?

Full Spectrum Lighting is a marketing term, typically associated with light sources that are similar to some forms of natural daylight (5000K and above, 90+ CRI), but sometimes more broadly used for lamps that have a smooth and continuous color spectrum.

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What is Glare?

Glare is the visual discomfort caused by excessive brightness.  This is called discomfort glare. If task performance is affected it is called disability glare. Glare can be direct glare or indirect (reflected) glare.

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What is HID High Intesity Discharge (HID) ?

HID is a general term for mercury, metal halide (GE ConstantColor® CMH®, Multi-Vapor®, MXR or Arcstream®) and high-pressure sodium  lamps. HID lamps contain compact arc tubes which enclose mercury and various gases with other chemicals and operate at relatively high pressures and temperatures.

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What is Light Center Length? (LCL)

The distance between the center of the filament, or arc tube, and a reference plane - usually the bottom of the lamp base. Refer to the following chart for reference plane locations. Base type L.C.L Reference Plane Location All screw bases (except Mini-Can) Bottom of base contact Mini-Can Where diameter of ceramic base insulator is .531 inches 3-Contact Medium Bottom of base contact Mogul Medium Prefocus Top of base fins Mogul Prefocus Top of base fins Medium ...

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What are Lumens?

A measure of the luminous flux or quantity of light emitted by a source. For example, a dinner candle provides about 12 lumens. A 60-watt Soft White incandescent lamp provides about 840 lumens.

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What is Medium Base?

Usually refers to the screw base typically used in household incandescent lamps. There is also the medium bipin base commonly used in T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps.

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What is Task Lighting?

Supplemental lighting provided to assist in performing a localized task, e.g. a table lamp for reading or an inspection lamp for fabric inspection.

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Why is my purchased item on Pre-Order?

Westside Wholesale maintains a healthy inventory of the majority of its products. The website’s stock status that is indicated and updated on a continuous basis is approx. 95% accurate. However, there may be times that the quantity that a customer requests is unavailable at our distribution center. Orders submitted with pre-ordered products will be shipped completely once the item(s) returns to stock. Normally, Pre-Ordered items will ship from our distribution center as soon as the ite...

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What is your Sales Policy?

• Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice.   • Promotional Pricing is only valid when advertised. When a Sale Ends the Discounted Price is No Longer - Valid.   • Coupons Cannot Be Combined; a Maximum of One Coupon or Discount May be Applied Per Order.   • Coupons Cannot Be Used After their Expiration Date.   • Coupons that Specify a Limited Number of Uses Will Not be A...

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