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If there is no ground wire in my wallbox, what do I do with the dimmer ground wire?

First, confirm there is no ground wire by asking yourself the following questions: - Is the wallbox metal? If the answer is no, it's plastic, there should be a ground. - Is there a screw in the metal wallbox with a bare copper wire under it? If the answer is yes, attach the dimmer ground wire under the screw as well.If you feel confident that there is no ground wire, then - To meet safety regulations, cap or remove the ground wire or screw and install the unit with a plastic, non-combustible,...

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What is the National Energy Standards for Fluorescent Ballasts?

A federal law enacted in 1988 that sets energy standards for ballasts consistent throughout the United States.

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What does PAR mean?

PAR is an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflector. A PAR lamp, which may utilize either an incandescent filament, a halogen filament tube or a HID arc tube, is a precision pressed-glass reflector lamp. PAR lamps rely on both the internal reflector and prisms in the lens for control of the light beam.

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What is a 2 pin Two Pin compact fluorescent lamp?

Type of lamps that have the glow bottle starter built into the base of the lamp. Traditionally 2-pin lamps are designed to work with electromagnetic ballasts.

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What Does Same Day Shipping Mean?

Same Day Shipping Westside Wholesale is proud to offer "SAME DAY SHIPPING" as a standard for its customers who place orders before 2:00 PM PST.For Orders that require Freight or LTL Delivery (usually on orders with bulk quantities), "Same Day Shipping" will be offered for orders placed before 2:00 PM PST. Orders that are over $299 and applicable for "Same Day Shipping", will still leave our warehouse the Same Day with Free Ground Shipping! Please refer...

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Signature requirements for UPS.

Signature requirements for UPS. Any package over $150.00 will be sent with a signature required from UPS. Please allow for someone to be available to sign for the package. In the event you require the package to be redirected to a different address there will be an $14.00 charge from UPS per package that needs to be redirected (If Possible). Please contact Customer Service for this service.

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About Westside Wholesale

In 1985, Westside Wholesale, Inc. opened its doors to the city of Los Angeles. Over the course of a few years, the company established itself as a legitimate Electrical Wholesale Distributor, focusing on serving electrical contractors. Westside Wholesale's reputation for product availability, knowledgeable service, & great pricing became highly recognized, attributing to the company's steady growth & success. As the company developed, Westside Wholesale gained the loyalty of customers...

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Swimming Pool Heater BTU Calculator

Use the swimming pool heater calculator to determine the BTU size needed for your swimming pool. Enter all of your information using the drop down menus and click on the "calculate" button. Heat rise varies when dealing with different swimming pool heaters. The usual recommendation is an increase of 1 to 1 and a half degree per hour. For further definitions, please scroll your mouse over the question marks. RECOMMENDATIONS Consult with a certified pool installer to verify the minimum hea...

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How do I cancel an order?

Westside Wholesale handles all orders using an automated shipping system. Orders that are in the "Fulfillment" stage are in the process of being shipped and cannot be canceled. To cancel an order after it has been fulfilled, you must wait until the shipment arrives and treat it as a regular return (a 20% restocking fee plus shipping charges will be deducted from the original purchase).   If a customer places an order during normal business hours, the order will be pr...

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What is your Sales Policy?

• Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice.   • Promotional Pricing is only valid when advertised. When a Sale Ends the Discounted Price is No Longer - Valid.   • Coupons Cannot Be Combined; a Maximum of One Coupon or Discount May be Applied Per Order.   • Coupons Cannot Be Used After their Expiration Date.   • Coupons that Specify a Limited Number of Uses Will Not be A...

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