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Are Warmrails safe around young children?

When our products were in the design stage we consulted Underwriters’ Laboratories for guidance on operating temperature.  Their suggestion was that we follow their “4 second test”.  This means that the Warmrail can be hot to the touch, however it should not scold or cause permanent damage if it comes into contact with the skin for up to 4 seconds.

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Why does my lamp flicker and turn off?

A Metal Halide, florescent, or specialty bulb may flicker and turn off during the first 100 hours burn in period. A normal house hold bulb may acturally burn filiment off the outside of the glass as well.  Let everything cool down and restart. 

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Does my exhaust fan always need to be installed in the ceiling?

NO.  Several exhaust fans can be installed in a wall. The limiting factor will be the thickness of the wall cavity. Typical construction uses 2" x 4" studs which will limit the number of fans that will fit within this space. Always mount the exhaust fan as high up on the wall as possible. Exhaust fans with lights and units with heating functions should not be mounted within a wall.

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If there is no ground wire in my wallbox, what do I do with the dimmer ground wire?

First, confirm there is no ground wire by asking yourself the following questions: - Is the wallbox metal? If the answer is no, it's plastic, there should be a ground. - Is there a screw in the metal wallbox with a bare copper wire under it? If the answer is yes, attach the dimmer ground wire under the screw as well.If you feel confident that there is no ground wire, then - To meet safety regulations, cap or remove the ground wire or screw and install the unit with a plastic, non-combustible,...

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I want to return an item back after the 30 day policy. How can I do that?

Under no circumstances will we accept returns past 30 days from purchase for any reason (contractor issues, fixtures are too big, colors are wrong, etc). We can extend it to 15 extra days since the credit card numbers are deleted from the system past the 45 days of purchase. We recommend that you check the entire contents of your package(s) immediately upon receipt and try to install within the 30 days, rather than months down the line to avoid this common issue. There are other outlets you m...

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What does HPS mean?

HPS means High Pressure Sodium.  HPS lamps are high intensity discharge light sources that product light by an electrical discharge though sodium vapor operating at relatively high pressures and temperatures. 

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What is the Lens for?

A transparent or semi-transparent element which controls the distribution of light by redirecting individual rays. Luminaires often have lenses in addition to reflectors.

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What does PAR mean?

PAR is an acronym for parabolic aluminized reflector. A PAR lamp, which may utilize either an incandescent filament, a halogen filament tube or a HID arc tube, is a precision pressed-glass reflector lamp. PAR lamps rely on both the internal reflector and prisms in the lens for control of the light beam.

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What Does Same Day Shipping Mean?

Same Day Shipping Westside Wholesale is proud to offer "SAME DAY SHIPPING" as a standard for its customers who place orders before 2:00 PM PST.For Orders that require Freight or LTL Delivery (usually on orders with bulk quantities), "Same Day Shipping" will be offered for orders placed before 2:00 PM PST. Orders that are over $299 and applicable for "Same Day Shipping", will still leave our warehouse the Same Day with Free Ground Shipping! Please refer...

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