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Does my house need surge protection for the HVAC system?

When the HVAC did not have any PC boards the surge protection was not needed, but when manufacturers started using electronics, this requires protection against lightning. Most manufacturers use some form of electronics on modern HVAC equipment. Referencing the model number with the manufacture is the only way to know for sure.

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Air Conditioner BTU Calculator

Designation Number Required Data Entry Target Room To Cool 100 to 150 150 to 250 250 to 350 350 to 400 400 to 450 450 to 550 550 to 700 700 to 1000 Square Feet Room Insulation Excellent Very Good Average Poor None Sun Exposure Yes No Is This A Kitchen Yes No Calculated Results Unit Size Required BTU/Hour ...

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How do you size the airconditioning for the house?

Using an ARI manual J. This allows you to see the needs as to the direction of the doors and windows. It shows different load needs for a different orientation of the home. The calculations are the same for the north as for the southern states with one exception. The sun states should be calculated using 105F degrees as the ambient temperature. The manual is straightforward and easy to use if time is spent reading the directions. Consider it an investment in future energy savings.  The...

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What is a BTU and how do I calculate the quantity I need for my rooms?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is used to describe the power of heating and cooling systems. Firstly, when estimating the size of a radiator you should decide what  temperature you  require your room to be. The most common ideal centigrade temperatures for specific rooms in your house are displayed in the table below as guide: Bedrooms - 15°c ...

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Fedders Contact

Fedders Phone Number: 1-800-332-6658Fedders Website:

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I moved into a new home and the HVAC does not work right, What should I do?

Most  warranties only have 1 year, so don’t put off complaints. Get the model number and the name of the manufacture located on the unit.  Call the manufacture to see if your product falls under the manufacture warranty.  If  not, then ask if the product is still in production.  If it is, wonderful.  You can call a service technition to fix the problem.  If it is under warranty, ask what the procedures are for returning merchandise to the manufacture.

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My air-conditioning stopped cooling, what can I do?

A lot of problems with air conditioning are caused by dirt. A Dirty outside coil can cause the head pressure to go high. On a hot day the Freon can burst a hole in the system causing a compressor to fail.  It could cause an electrical breaker to trip and fail. Keep the outside coils as clean as possible. Keep plants from growing against the finned area, keep the exhaust pathway free of obstructions.The inside coil is another story. A dirty inside coil can cause the coil to Ice ove...

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I was told that I need to replace my evaporator coil because it has a leak. Is this true?

 Most coils can be repaired. If multiple leaks or advisories to replace are known, the reasons may offer a solution to replace the coil. If under warrantee, then replace. If replacing the coil, try to match the coil to get the best SEER available. 

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How do I know the installation price is ok?

  Get three similar bids. If the bid is not the same in every detail, then the comparison is impossible for the homeowner. If the different bids specify different sized equipment, then you either need an engineer to size the equipment, or get a bond against incorrect work.

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How do I check for a dirty evaporator coil?

Probably the easiest way is to measure the temperature of the air entering the system is at the filter.  Then, measure the temperature at the closest register. A good system will show a 20-25 F degree difference in temperature. A restricted airflow will have a higher differential. This is a subjective decision. If the house does not cool properly after a technician adds Freon to the system, and the house has balanced airflow to the rooms, then I would clean the evaporator coil. Many th...

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How to pick a portable air conditioner using proper BTU rating?

BTU is an energy unit and represents the unit's cooling capacity. Pick the proper BTU rating to select the right air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are rated in BTU. The greater the BTU of a unit, the more cooling power it has. Please note that there is no direct comparison of the cooling capacity of the portable unit with that of window air conditioning units.

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