Bundle Discount Program

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What are Bundle Discounts?

The Westside Wholesale Bundle Program is a savvy way to group items you may need for a project(s), while saving up to an additional 10% on those items when you purchase them together! Here's how it works. If your total exceeds $200 in Bundle Discount items, you will receive 5% off on those items. If your total exceeds $400 in Bundle Discount items(with 5% discount applied), you will receive 7% off on those items. If your total exceeds $600 in Bundle Discount items(with 7% discount applied), ...

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Can I use Bundle Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Yes, using Bundle Discounts on bulk orders is absolutely recommended! Our wholesale pricing allows our customers to save on bulk purchases easily without any hassle. With the Bundle Discounts Program, order qualifying items in the bulk quantities you desire and receive the same savings! Special pricing is available for very large / resale orders.

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I'm Ordering some Bundle Items, and some Non-Bundle Items. How do I know what gets discounted?

As you process your order, you will notice discounts beside your bundle items to show where discounts have been applied. The items that do not qualify for Bundle Discounts will not have this notification. Also, if you have not yet reached the first tier of bundle discounts, there will not yet be any discount applied.If this is the case, to receive the discounts, you will need to increase your order quantities, or order additional bundle items to qualify.

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What happens if I remove Bundle Items from my cart?

If you remove bundle items from your cart once your order qualifies for Bundle Discounts, your discounts will be removed from your order until you have reached over $200 (5% off discount) in Bundle Items in your cart. Keep in mind, if you are on one of the three bundle discount tiers, and your order totals are changed, your discount will only process based on the tier at which your final order qualifies.

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How do I know if an Item qualifies for Bundle Discounts?

Look for the Red Tag! Each item that qualifies for Bundle Discounts has a red tag icon on both catalog listing pages, and on product details pages. Beside the red tag shows a breakdown of the discounted pricing as you acquire more bundle discount items. It's never been easier to save on the items you already need for your household projects. Purchase these items together to receive the savings.  

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