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What are the ANSI codes?

The ANSI codes are 3-letter codes assigned by the American National Standards Institute. They provide a system of assuring mechanical and electrical interchangeability among similarly coded lamps from various manufacturers. 

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What are Hertz (Hz)?

Hertz (Hz)Unit used to measure frequency of alteration of current or voltage

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What are Amperes

Amperes are ("Amps.") a measurement of electrical current. In incandescent lamps, the current is related to voltage and power as follows: Watts (power) = Volts x Amps (current).

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What is Electrical Discharge?

A condition under which a gas becomes electrically conducting and becomes capable of transmitting current, usually accompanied by the emission of visible and other radiation. An electric spark in air is an example of an electrical discharge, as is a welder's arc and a lightning bolt.

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What is harmonic Distortion?

Distortion of an AC waveform caused by multiples of the fundamental frequency (harmonics). Odd triplet harmonics (thirds, ninths, etc.) may result in large currents on the neutral line in a four-wire Wye three-phase system.

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What is Frequency?

Frequency is the rate of alternation in an AC current. this is expressed in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz).

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What is Harmonic?

An integral multiple of the fundamental frequency (60 Hz) that becomes a component of the current.

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What is a Electronic Ballast?

A short name for a fluorescent high frequency electronic ballast. Electronic ballasts use solid state electronic components and typically operate fluorescent lamps at frequencies in the range of 25-35 kHz. The benefits are: increased lamp efficacy, reduced ballast losses and lighter, smaller ballasts compared to electromagnetic ballasts. Electronic ballasts may also be used with HID (high intensity discharge) lamps, but will almost always require the use of an Electronic Dimmer when dimming.

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What does AC (Alternating Current) mean?

AC (Alternating Current)Current which flows in one direction and then the other, alternately.

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What is the ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

The ANSI is a consensus-based organization which coordinates voluntary standards for the physical, electrical and performance characteristics of lamps, ballasts, luminaires and other lighting and electrical equipment.

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What is the Candian Energy Standards?

The CES  indicates ballast complies with Canadian Energy Standards which meet the requirements of CAN/CSA C654-M91.

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What is the Energy Policy Act (EPACT) ?

Comprehensive energy legislation passed by the U. S. Congress in 1992. The lighting portion includes lamp labeling and minimum energy efficacy (lumens/watt) requirements for many commonly used incandescent and fluorescent lamp types. Federal Canadian legislation sets similar minimum energy efficacy requirements for incandescent reflector lamps and common linear fluorescent lamps.

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What is EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) ?

EMI in High frequency electronic ballasts and other electronic devices can produce a small amount of radio waves which can interfere with radio and TV. Federal mandated requirements must be met for EMI levels before an electronic device is considered FCC compliant. (FCC is the Federal Communications Commission.)

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