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What are Watts?

A measure of power or the rate of energy consumption by an electrical device when it is in operation. Watts are calculated by multiplying the voltage at which an appliance operates by the current it draws (Watts = Volts X Amperes).

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What is Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

A private organization which tests and lists electrical (and other) equipment for electrical and fire safety according to recognized UL and other standards. A UL listing is not an indication of overall performance. Lamps are not UL listed except for compact fluorescent lamp assemblies - those with screw bases and built-in ballasts.

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What is Voltage?

A measurement of the electromotive force in an electrical circuit or device expressed in volts. Voltage can be thought of as being analogous to the pressure in a waterline.

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What is a Floodlight System?

A term referring to the lamp and ballast combination, and sometimes to the entire lighting delivery system including the fixture, the optics, the particular layout and the lighting controls.

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What is the UPC?

Uniform Product Code (UPC)The 12 digit code on the saleable unit that is used for scanning at the register.

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What is Ganging?

All dimmers are designed to fit in an American Standard 1-gang electronic wallbox (backbox). Ganging is two or more controls mounted side by side in a series of connected wallboxes.

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Are Differents Brands of Dimmers/Switches Colors Match?

There may be slight differences in colors between brands.

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What is a Watt?

A unit of electrical power. Lamps are rated in watts to indicate the rate at which they consume energy.

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How Do I Know what Type of Switch I Have?

In some cases you can tell what type of switch you have by simply counting the number of wiring screws it has. Single-Pole switches have two screw terminals, 3-Way switches have three screw terminals, and 4-Way switches have four screw terminals. The number of wiring screws does not include the ground screw, which is often colored green.

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