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Can I use Different Brands of Recessed Light Housings and Trims Together?

Westside recommends that you only use the manufacture recommend trims, designed specifically for the housing. 

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What is a Non-IC Recessed Light Housing?

Non-IC light housings are for use in areas where they do Not make direct contact with ceiling insulation. If your application requires the housing making direct contact with insulation, purchase housings that state they are "IC" rated.This means that these housings can NOT make direct contact with insulation. Some codes allow you to use and space the insulation 3" away and some codes do not allow you to use NON "IC" Housings at all if insulation is present. These housings are still us...

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What is the difference between halogen and regular incandescent bulbs?

Halogen bulbs produce a whiter light and are 10 to 20% more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs. Halogen can produce more light with a smaller bulb, and are often used in modern fixtures with sleek designs. Both types of bulbs can last as long as 6000 hours on average, but halogen bulbs tend to be more expensive to replace. If you need more light from an existing lamp there are halogen bulbs designed to replace most regular incandescent bulbs.

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What is a New-Construction Recessed Housing?

A "New-Construction" Housing  is meant to be used when there is open access to ceiling joists. A New-Construction housing has hangers bars that allow the recessed  housing to be mounted directly to the joists. If you have open ceiling access a New Construction housing can be used on existing homes as well.

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What is a Elliptical Reflector (ER) Lamp?

An incandescent lamp with a built-in elliptically-shaped reflecting surface. This shape produces a focal point directly in front of the lamp which reduces the light absorption in some types of luminaires. It is particularly effective at increasing the efficacy of baffled downlights. 

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How does Wattage relate to light output?

Wattage is a measurement of the electricity usage of a bulb. Lumens is a measurent of the total light output of a bulb. The efficiency of a bulb is calculated by comparing the light output to the energy usage. The efficiency of a bulb is similar for light bulbs of the same type, so you can expect that by switching from a 100W to a 150W regular incandescent bulb that you will get about 50% more light. However, If you switch from a 60W regular incandescent bulb to a 60W halogen bulb y...

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What is the Operating Voltage?

For electrical discharge lamps, this is the voltage measured across the discharge when the lamp is operating. It is governed by the contents of the chamber and is somewhat independent of the ballast and other external factors.

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What is an Air-Tight Housing?

An "Air-Tight" or  "Air-Tite"  housing  is sealed to stop air from escaping through the recessed housing cut-out into the ceiling or attic. Many states currently require the use of Air-Tight housings in order to meet energy conservation codes, check local codes for more information.

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What is an IC Housing?

IC stands for "Insulation Contact", and should be used in ceilings where the recessed light housing would be in direct contact with insulation material. If your home has insulated ceilings you should purchase housings that state that they are IC rated.

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What is a Remodel Recessed Housing?

A Remodel Light Housing is meant to be used in existing home with no access to the ceiling joists. Remodel housings attach to the ceiling drywall with clips, so these housings cannot be used in open ceilings.

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What is a Low Voltage (12V) Housing?

A low-voltage housing requires lower power input than the standard 110V/120V found in most homes requiring the use of a voltage transformer. Many housings have integrated transformers which convert Line-Voltage (120V) to Low-Voltage (12V), which other housing need a remote transformer.Low-Voltage lighting is best suited for applications such as accent lighting but is also used for general lighting.

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Is light output the same for reflector bulbs?

For reflector bulbs like an R20 or an MR16, Lux is more important than Lumens. Lux is a measurement of light on a surface. Reflector bulbs are available with different beam spreads. A bulb with the same wattage and a narrower beam will have a higher Lux. If you are lighting an object from a distance you may be able to choose a lower wattage reflector bulb with a narrow beam to save money on electricity.

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What is a Line Voltage (120V) Housing?

Line-Voltage Housings do Not require any transformer, they can be directly wired into your home's 110V/120V electrical system. Line-Voltage Housing are more commonly used because of their lower cost due to not needing a transformer, and also offer more versatility allowing the use of incandescent or halogen lamps.

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Do Recessed Light Housings Come with Trim Rings?

No. The majority of recessed light housings do Not come with a trim ring, requiring it to be purchased separately. Choose a trim ring that is stated to be compatible with the specific housing you have/will purchase. If you are unsure if the trim you are interested in works with a housing, it is best to contact the manufacturer.

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What is a Rapid Start Circuit for Fluorescent Lights?

A fluorescent lamp-ballast circuit that utilizes continuous cathode heating, while the system is energized, to start and maintain lamp light output at efficient levels. Rapid start ballasts may be either electromagnetic, electronic or of hybrid designs. Full-range fluorescent lamp dimming is only possible with rapid start systems.

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