Towel Warmers

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Can I install my wall mounted Warmrail with the power entry at the top?

Warmrails have been designed to operate with the power entry at the bottom of the unit.  Some models can be installed or used with the power entry on either the left or right side, but must not be used “up-side down”.

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Can I install Warmrails in a shower enclosure or above a bath?

Warmrails are designed to be splash proof.  They are not designed for immersion in water, being drenched in water or in fact anything more than the occasional splash.  If there is a chance that the Warmrail could encounter more water than the occasional splash it should not be mounted in that location.  A showerhead in the bath will definitely cause a lot of splashing.   Your Warmrail should be wired into a circuit that is protected by a GFI (circuit breaker).&...

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Are Warmrails safe around young children?

When our products were in the design stage we consulted Underwriters’ Laboratories for guidance on operating temperature.  Their suggestion was that we follow their “4 second test”.  This means that the Warmrail can be hot to the touch, however it should not scold or cause permanent damage if it comes into contact with the skin for up to 4 seconds.

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How much does it cost to run a Warmrail?

Just a few cents a day - amazingly Warmrails use on average less power than a standard light bulb!  Unlike oil-filled heated towel racks, Warmrails use a high efficiency Filatherm element to heat the bars.  As well as reducing the running costs it also means your Warmrail can never leak when seals get old and perish.  (Every Warmrail draws less than one amp).

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I’m renovating my bathroom, which Warmrail would you suggest?

If you are having an electrician come in to add more electrical sockets or completely re-wire the bathroom, we would suggest you add a wall mounted Warmrail.  The hard wired models are direct wired and require installation by a professional, so this would be the perfect time.  Otherwise, have the electrician install an electrical outlet low on the wall where the towel bar should be.  Always ensure any electrical outlet in a bathroom is installed with a GFI device.

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What are they made of?

Warmrails are made of high quality steel or solid brass, depending on model and come in a number of finishes including chrome, polished brass or satin nickel.

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How long is the power cord on a Warmrail?

The cord set on the free standing and soft wired models is 86 inches long  (just over 7 feet).

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Do the measurements of the towel racks take into account the mounting brackets?

The measurements we show are the maximum dimensions, including the wall mounting brackets.

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Does the on/off switch automatically turn the Warmrail on or off?

No - Since your Warmrail is so safe and energy efficient, we suggest you leave it running continuously so you always have warm, dry and fresh towels.  However, if you go away or have a Warmrail in a guest bathroom that doesn’t get used regularly you will probably want to turn the Warmrail off – the switch is a manual one, and you will need to remember to turn your Warmrail on again next time you want to use it.

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Are Warmrails safe?

These heated towel racks have been used overseas for twenty years.  They are proven to be very reliable and safe.  All Warmrails are UL and CUL listed to ensure that they meet safety guidelines for temperatures and operation.

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How are Warmrails and other towel warmers heated?

Warmrails use a new dry element technology called “Filatherm”,which is similar to the elements used in radiant under-floor heating, to give years of maintenance free and energy efficient heat.  Warmrails reach operating temperature within 15 minutes.    Some of our competitors make hydronic warmers, which are expensive to purchase and require a plumber to install them and can only be used in conjunction with a central heating system.  Operation is li...

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Why would you want to use a towel warmer in summer?

Most bathrooms are poorly ventilated and even in summer months, many people find that their towels dry so slowly that they become very unhygienic and smelly.  The traditional solution has been to change towels on a daily basis, creating unnecessary laundry loads, using additional energy and water and limiting the life span of towels.  However, Warmrails are an energy saving way to keep towels dry and fresh – reducing the need for constant laundering.    ...

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How long does a towel take to dry?

Like anything, it will depend on the circumstances; such as how wet is the towel, where the Warmrail is situated and so on.  If you use a bath towel in the evening it will be dry and warm when you use it in the morning.  For fastest drying time, have less layers of towels so the moisture can pass through quickly.  For maximum warmth, use multiple layers of towels to trap the heat.

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