Track Lighting

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If I am installing track lighting for the first time. What is recommended?

The 3-wire ("H") system – Many projects require or specify a 3-wire system. It is easy to ground, and has more accessories than other systems. Also, it is 100% compatible with not only our Elko line of track heads but also with any Halo fixtures as well, which makes substituting simple.

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Which track and accessories should I order?

To order track you need to figure out: Know the configuration of your track layout (examples: 2 independent parallel lengths or an L-shape) The measurements of each straight length (examples: two 8 feet-lengths of, L of one 4 foot length and one 2-foot length) Comes in 2, 4, 6 and 8-foot lengths Color preference - black or white Power source preference End feet cord - best for mobile set-ups or a counter set up Floating canopy - for attaching to a wall o...

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What are the Advantages of Track Lighting?

Since power is transferred throughout the track there are few restictions on lighting placement. Light heads are easily added, moved, replaced, or removed to meet changing lighting needs.

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When was track lighting invented?

     In the 1960's, Lightolier introduced residential tracking lighting to market.  Since then, they have become a leader in effeciant energy savings dimming controls.  Lightolier remained the only track lighting company for many years offering only a few options on their design.  During the 70's Halo lighting came out with a track lighting system that was half the cost of Lightolier.  They offered a plethora of different fixt...

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