My air-conditioning stopped cooling, what can I do?

A lot of problems with air conditioning are caused by dirt. A Dirty outside coil can cause the head pressure to go high. On a hot day the Freon can burst a hole in the system causing a compressor to fail.  It could cause an electrical breaker to trip and fail. Keep the outside coils as clean as possible. Keep plants from growing against the finned area, keep the exhaust pathway free of obstructions.

The inside coil is another story. A dirty inside coil can cause the coil to Ice over and the flow of air is reduced. When this happens the ice gets thicker and the air eventually stops completely. The major cause of dirty inside coils is not changing the filter often enough. To clean an inside coil is a dirty time consuming job.  Even for the most diligent customer, the coils will need cleaning occasionally. 

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