Do you sell Fluorescent Dimmers?

       Yes we do.  Keep in mind that only Advance Mark 10 ballasts should be dimmed and all other products may work, but void the manufacture warranty.  Using a dimmable dimmer on a Fluorescent fixture without consulting a certified technician is the volition of the user, and not Westsidewholesale.

     That being said, if you want to dim your florescent fixtures, use the following dimmers;

Nova T
Radio Touch
Micro WAtt
Radio Touch

     Fluorescent were first designed to be energy efficient, and boy do they do a good job.  A typical Fluorescent bulb can disperse the same amount of light particles as most incandescent bulbs, but will use up to 1/8 the power of a regular house hold bulb.

     Fluorescents were also designed to stay on.  It is said that the longer the Fluorescent remains on, the more efficient it is running.  If you are in a condition where you will be turning the lights on and off, it would be better to leave the lights on and not dim at all.

      The following manufactures are compatible with Advance dimmable Mark 10 ballasts;

AMX Corporation
Automated Logic Corp
Avab America
Centralite System, Inc.
Colortran, Inc
Crestron Electronics
Digital Lighting Systsms
Douglas Lighting Controls
Electronics Theatre Controls
Electronics Diversified Inc.
Entertainment Technology
Hubbell Building Automation
Hunt Dimming
Leax Controls
Lehigh Electric Products Co.
Leviton Lighting Control
Lighting Control and Design
Lightolier Controls
Marlin Controls
Pass and Seymour
Payne Sparkman Mfg. Inc.
PDM Electrical Products
PLC Multipoint
Sensor Switch, Inc.
Starfield Controls
Sterner Controls
Strand Lighting
Synergy Lighting Controls
Touch-Plate Lighting
Vantage Lighting Control
Vara-Light/Dimatronics/ HUB
Watt Stopper, Inc.

     Compatible Control Part

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