Which Dimmers Should I Select?

First, you must determine the number of switches that control the light(s) you are going to dim.

If there is only one switch use a:

Single-Pole dimmer - used to dim a light from one location.

If there is more than one switch use a:

3-Way dimmer - used to dim a light from two locations. An example would be choosing a two Lutron 3-Way dimmers to control a single light fixture.

for more locations you would need a:

Multi-location dimmer to dim a light from up to ten locations. Choose one Smart dimmer and up to nine accessory dimmers from our catalog.

Here is a chart that best suits your application for our Lutron Series Dimmers.

Second, you need to
determine the source (light bulb) you are using.

It is important to select a dimmer designed to control the light bulbs you have.

Here is a chart indicating which sources can be controlled within each product family.

Third step would be calculating the total load. Incandescent light bulbs have wattage ratings marked on the top of the bulb. Add the wattage of all the bulbs in the fixture to be dimmed, and select a dimmer that is rated above or equal to your total wattage. For other light source, refer to the product packaging or contact the manufacturer for technical assistance.

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