Why does my lamp buzz?

This is caused by the lamp filament vibrating as the dimmer rapidly switches the lamp on and off. Lamp buzz is generally noisiest at the mid-range (50%) dimming level. If this happens, we suggest using rough service lamps (sometimes called garage door opener lamps), physically smaller lamps, or lower wattage lamps.

Often times the buzz may be comming from something like a loose screw.  Turn all power off.  Carefully examine the fixture, making sure to tighten screws.  If 2 objects are rubbing against one another, secure both items respectively.  This will alleviate most problems.

    Deratting a dimmer is when a dimmer is placed into a multi-gang wallplate.  When 2 or more dimmers share wall space, the heat that is created from each dimmer transfers to each other through heat convection.  As a result, tabs which are on the sides of the dimmers must be broken off.  This will derate the dimmer 100 watts per side of tabs removed from the dimmer. 

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