How do I cancel an order?

Westside Wholesale handles all orders using an automated shipping system. Orders that are in the "Fulfillment" stage are in the process of being shipped and cannot be canceled. To cancel an order after it has been fulfilled, you must wait until the shipment arrives and treat it as a regular return (a 20% restocking fee plus shipping charges will be deducted from the original purchase).
If a customer places an order during normal business hours, the order will be processed after 1 hour. Meaning, if you place an order on Monday - Friday between 5am-5pm PST, you will have exactly 1 hour to cancel or edit your order. However, if a customer places an order after business hours, the order will be processed at 9am the following business day.
Please keep in mind that cancellations can only be made by phone before  5pm PST, and sending an email to cancel an order will not cancel an order.

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