What if my item is damaged upon receipt (due to mishandling by shipping carrier)?

If a shipment gets damaged by one of our carriers, it is important for our customers to accept the shipment & notify our customer service representatives within 2 business days. (Please do not refuse the package as this will be refused by our Receiving Department & incur additional shipping charges).
Our credits department is required to report a damaged shipment to the carrier within 2 business days, otherwise reimbursement for the shipment may be withheld.
If the shipment is held longer than 2 business days, it may be treated as an incorrectly ordered shipment (see above).
If the shipment is within 2 business days, our friendly customer service representatives will gladly accept the return and provide either a replacement or a 100% Full Refund. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued and directions on how to return the item will be provided. In order to receive a replacement immediately, the customer will be asked to provide his/her credit card information once again and place another payment, which will be credited once the return is finalized.
The Returns Department performs a thorough inspection of the items returned to confirm that the return is delivered as expected. (Discrepancies found with what is verbally explained to our customer service reps, which are saved in the customer’s account may result in a refusal of the return).
Only when a return is confirmed by the Returns Department is the Credits Department able to issue the appropriate credit back to the customer’s card.

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