What if the item ordered is defective?

Westside Wholesale is an authorized distributor for the manufacturers in its online catalog. All products sold are brand new and premium quality. Additionally, our Shipping Department goes the extra mile to open factory sealed boxes and input additional packaging material (if needed), to ensure that the item does not get damaged during shipment. We make an extremely great effort to prevent customers from receiving damaged items that result in defects.
Each manufacturer, has a different Warranty and return policy that we uphold. Our return policy for defective items varies depending on the product.
Some brands that we distribute, such as Panasonic and Pelican, have a success rate of over 99.7%, and many times our customer will not have the proper training, and will install the product improperly. Before assuming the item is defective, please contact the product's manufacturer or consult our knowledgeable sales team, who may be able to prevent you from going through the hassle of returning an item that simply needs an adjustment.
On Most items, if it is within the 30-day return period, we will issue an RMA number and deal with the Manufacturer ourselves In order to receive a replacement immediately, the customer will be asked to provide his/her credit card information once again. If the customer decides to cancel the return, the charge for the old and new shipments will remain on the credit card.
If the customer finds the product elsewhere and simply wants to return the item, we will credit the customer with a 100% full refund once the item is returned. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ship the return back.
If the defective item was ordered beyond the 30-day return period, customers should contact the manufacturer and process a warranty claim through the manufacturer’s customer service. Please do not write on the outside of the Manufacturer's Original Packaging when returning the item.
For some items (as noted on the product page), we require the manufacturer’s authorization to accept returns for defective claims. In these cases, customers will need to contact the Manufacturer for technical support and/or service department. If support is unable to solve the problem with the item, the manufacturer will allow us to process the claim for the customer.
For a few items (as noted on the product page), we will not accept returns on defective claims, because the manufacturer has required its distributors to field the claims first and provide parts to the customer if necessary. If providing parts will not suffice, the manufacturer will provide us with a RMA number which we will pass on to our customer.
The Returns Department performs a thorough inspection of the items returned to confirm that the item is defective. If it is determined that the item is: not defective, still in working order or damaged as a result of improper installation/handling; the RMA will be canceled. The item will be shipped back to the customer and the shipping cost will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

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