What if the wrong items were shipped (or items are missing in the shipment)?

Our Shipping Department takes pride in its 99.3% shipping accuracy rate. However if you do receive an incorrect item due to a shipping error or if your order is incomplete, please call customer service to report the error and a supervisor will be able to provide you with a satisfactory resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused, but we will make every reasonable effort to satisfy our customers.
The customer service supervisor is required to gather the order information, such as total weight of the package delivered and total expected weight, and investigate with the Inventory Manager, Shipping Department, and with the shipping carrier to confirm the customer’s claim.
Once the error is confirmed, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued and directions on how to return the item will be provided. (Please note that there may be additional repacking fee if the original box is defaced. Please remember not to write the RMA number directly on the manufacturer’s box)
If the order was shipped incompletely, the customer will be sent the remainder of the items that were missing from the shipment immediately.
In order to receive a replacement immediately, the customer will be asked to provide his/her credit card information once again. If the customer decides to cancel the return, the charge for the old and new shipments will remain on the credit card.
If the customer finds the product elsewhere and simply wants to return the item (unopened), we will credit the customer with a 100% full refund once the item is returned.
The Returns Department performs a thorough inspection of the items returned to confirm that the return is delivered as expected. (Discrepancies found with what is verbally explained to our customer service reps, which are saved in the customer’s account may result in a refusal of the return).
Although it is our responsibility to pay for the return shipping of the item, please remember that any damages that occur during the return shipping due to “insufficient packaging” (according to UPS guidelines) will be subject to refusal by the Receiving Department and a void of the RMA.

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