Where can I find information on using light to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) is a form of depression caused by the lack of sunlight. It usually occurs in winter when natural light levels decrease. A common treatment for this condition is phototherapy, in which a light box is used to expose the patient to high levels of light for prolonged periods. Because of the high level of light used and the risk of eye damage due to ultraviolet radiation exposure, people who may be suffering from SAD should consult a health professional, who can suggest the most appropriate treatment. If a light box is recommended, your health professional should monitor the light intensity, length of exposure, number of treatments, and time of day that the treatments should be administered.

We do not or distribute light boxs or light bulbs for use in phototherapy light boxes or visors.  We can however do a special order for these special needs.  If you can reference a manufacture and model number, Westside woould be happy to request a quote. Regular light bulbs used in the home and public buildings, whether incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, or halogen, do not produce the intensity of light needed to treat seasonal affective disorder. If you believe you may suffer from SAD, contact a qualified health professional.

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