What is a point of use tankless water heater?

A point-of-use water heater is a very small water heater, either a mini-storage tank or a small tankless model, that is designed to be installed at the point of use, thereby eliminating a long pipe run. They are mostly sized to supply hot water to one specific application, usually a sink. A common application is a remote sink, such as a bathroom in an office building or a service station. Another common application is for distant sinks in the home that typically take too long to receive hot water.

Point-of-use water heaters are usually used for one of two reasons. One is to supply hot water to a remote location that is not served by a larger water heater. The other is to eliminate the wait time for hot water you may have at a particular faucet. Both offer the advantage of not having to wait for hot water. You can install a point-of-use water heater right at the source, e.g., under a sink. Therefore, when you turn on the faucet you have hot water instantly available to you. This both eliminates your wait for the hot water and saves water, our most valuable resource, from being wasted down the drain as you wait for hot water to arrive.

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