Why would you want to use a towel warmer in summer?

Most bathrooms are poorly ventilated and even in summer months, many people find that their towels dry so slowly that they become very unhygienic and smelly.  The traditional solution has been to change towels on a daily basis, creating unnecessary laundry loads, using additional energy and water and limiting the life span of towels.  However, Warmrails are an energy saving way to keep towels dry and fresh – reducing the need for constant laundering. 


For instance, you live in Arizona and it’s 120 degrees outside – why would you want a warm towel?  If it’s that hot outside, chances are you have your air-conditioning running, and it can be quite chilly when you step out of the shower or bath into the air-conditioned bathroom.   Since Warmrails are not BTU rated, they can be used year round without adding additional heat to rooms.


Warmrails aren’t just for drying bathroom towels, think about how many additional wash loads are created by all the towels generated by the swimming pool or Jacuzzi.  Most times these towels really need drying, not re-washing, so just throw the additional towels on the Warmrail and they’re good to go again for next use.

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