Which track and accessories should I order?

To order track you need to figure out:

  • Know the configuration of your track layout (examples: 2 independent parallel lengths or an L-shape)
  • The measurements of each straight length (examples: two 8 feet-lengths of, L of one 4 foot length and one 2-foot length)
  • Comes in 2, 4, 6 and 8-foot lengths
  • Color preference - black or white
  • Power source preference
  • End feet cord - best for mobile set-ups or a counter set up
  • Floating canopy - for attaching to a wall or ceiling
  • Selecting connector
  • These connect the tracks together and continue the power feed.
    • L-connector - brings together 2 pieces at a right angle
    • T-connector - 3 pieces
    • X-connector - 4 pieces together

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