Feit Electric LED Light Bulbs

Feit Electric LED Light Bulbs

Feit Electric Products

Feit Electric 38PAR20/QFL/ES
$2.99 /each
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Feit Electric 38PAR20/QFL/ES
Feit Electric Flood Light Bulb, PAR20, 50 Watt Equivalent
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Feit Electric has been an innovative producer of light bulbs since 1978. From its compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs to recessed reflectors and weatherproof floodlights, Feit is a proven player in the industry. Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Feit Electric lightbulbs, ceiling lights, and other lighting products and fixtures. We offer a huge, regularly expanded inventory of Feit Electric light bulbs to choose from for a diverse array of applications.

One notable aspect of the Feit Electric company is their dedication to creating energy efficient lighting solutions. The company is an ENERGY STAR partner, which is a voluntary program created by the US Environmental Protection Agency to help businesses and individuals find products with superior energy efficiency. Its newest contributions to the Earth-friendly lighting market are its super-low mercury ECOBULB PLUS CFLs plus new longer-lasting LED, incandescent, and halogen products.

Switching to environmentally friendly lighting is very easy. Simply find a compatible base and bulb shape to your lamp and replace it with the LED or CFL bulb. A Feit Electric LED replacement bulb can, in fact, pay for itself over its lifespan, both because it significantly reduces energy costs and because LED bulbs tend to have a much longer life than their incandescent and halogen counterparts.

The Feit Electric lighting products in the Westside Wholesale inventory is sorted by application, so you can get to the bulb or fixture you need faster. We sort our Feit bulbs and lights by many different attributes, including color temperature, bulb base, bulb type, bulb shape, wattage, voltage, and lumen output to ensure that you can purchase a compatible replacement LED bulb. If you have any questions about Feit LED bulbs or other products, please contact the team here at Westside Wholesale and we'll be glad to help you out.

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