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Westside Wholesale offers customers a list of Feit Electric LED light bulbs. Our selection of high quality light bulbs provides everyone opportunity to choose the appropriate alternative at affordable prices.

Being a partner of ENERGY, Feit Electric specializes in producing energy saving and extremely innovative light bulbs. The company has been constantly developing better lightning solutions, among which customers find mini TCFLs, LED Omni Directional bulbs, insulated ceiling airtight (ICAT), as well as weatherproof floodlights and time-proved recessed reflectors. Feit Electric is a trusted leader in the bulb manufactory industry. Company’s newest long life energy efficient LED bulbs demonstrates the commitment to the environment and the industry. Feit Electric has made a significant contribution into halogen and LED lamp technology due to its research and development.

Feit Electric LED bulbs indisputably excel CFLs and incandescent lamps in safety rates. The bulbs retain heat well, but are not hot, and therefore safe for children. Heat retention promotes higher efficiency (up to 90%) compared to typical incandescent and 25% better efficiency compared to CFLs. The Feit bulbs don’t radiate any UV emissions, and they are both lead- and mercury-free.

Customers can find Feit dimmable and non-dimmable LED bulbs in A Shapes, MRs, PARs, Chandeliers and Globes. All types include ocular lenses to manage the LED power output. The power of light output can be compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, it suits for long-distance lightning as well as for short-distance and directional light. Feit Electric products comply with RoHS, and they are free of mercury. These LED bulbs guarantee a 30,000 hours lifespan. Other practical advantages include no infrared or UV emissions, vibration resistance ability, turning on without any warm-up, along with no damaging consequences from instant on.

A-Line LED dimmable bulbs are offered in various models. These bulbs vary from 40 to 100-watt lights. Commonly used to replace traditional bulbs. They provide bright and pure illumination of 450 lumens, and a 3000K color temperature performing a white neutral light.

With weather proof and different designs, Feit PAR38 models can be used in home and as outdoor lightning. They use 18 watts only, but run equally to a 75-watt incandescent or halogen light bulb, providing illumination with 885 lumens.

With Feit Electric LED products customers will hardly face warranty issues, however, the manufacturer’s guarantee is 2 years.

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