Fire Escape Ladders

About Fire Escape Ladders

Westside Wholesale offers the perfect selection of escape ladders that are well suited for your fire safety needs. These excellent and reliable solutions will allow you to feel safe at home or in the office, knowing that you will easily and instantly escape your two- or three-story house in the case of emergency situations. Westside Wholesale offers the best fire escape ladders of the most durable and strong constructions, and at the best prices.

These escape ladders are ready to use and fully-assembled, providing the fastest and the easiest possible installation to a window of any type. These ladders are decided to work swiftly and easily, assisting you to escape a fire unharmed. All of the advanced escape ladders we have on sale are simple, compact and lightweight, allowing you to store them in readily accessible places such as near the window, underneath the bed or in the closet. They are made of very strong and durable steel and nylon; they are tangle-free and equipped with anti-slip rungs, providing complete safety for people who must evacuate.

The brands that we offer at Westside Wholesale include Kidde and First Alert. These ladders can carry weight of 1000 pounds (lbs) or 450 kilograms (kgs). Our store includes models for two-story houses with 13 feet and 14 feet lengths and the ladders for three-story buildings with 24 feet and 25 feet lengths. Regardless of what configuration and size your home has, Westside Wholesale offers the most reliable, durable and convenient fire escape ladders at the most affordable prices.

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