First Alert Fire Escape Ladders

About First Alert Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders manufactured by First Alert and offered at Westside Wholesale become the only escape solution for residents locked in second and third floors of the building during life threatening fires or other emergencies. Such useful and inexpensive tool may save lives and help residents get away from the danger.

First Alert provides simple and reliable exit solutions for every building. Such ladders are made from strong and durable materials, can be stored under the bed or near the window and are easily folded in just seconds. That is why First Alert Fire Escape Ladders become an effective tool that offers a safe exit in dangerous situations. When used in conjunction with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms as part of interconnected fire protection system, Fire Escape Ladders enhance overall safety of a residence, house, office or commercial building.

Westside Wholesale helps its customers prepare for an emergency by offering effective and affordable means of escape from a house fire. First Alert Fire Escape Ladders presented in this section include 14 and 24 Feet models that can be used in buildings with up to three floors. Whatever the emergency is, First Alert Ladders will always provide the residents with the opportunity to leave the building in time.

Westside Wholesale presents Ladders with the following features: slip-resistant rungs that make sure the ladder doesn’t fall in the most inappropriate moment, large hooks for secure and easy window placement, ready to use and fully assembled convenient design that saves precious time, up to 375 lb. load rating and up to 24 feet length.

Since fire is a thread that can strike anywhere and any time, it is good to be prepared for the most dangerous scenario. Purchasing First Alert Fire Escape Ladders and having them in the building becomes a vital necessity. Escape Ladders offered by Westside Wholesale comply with the standards of American Society for Testing and Materials and are able to satisfy the safety needs of most demanding customers.

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