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First Alert SA710AB
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First Alert SA710AB
First Alert Smoke Alarm, 9V Alkaline Extended Life Battery Powered & Photoelectric
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First Alert is one of America's most trusted brands for residential fire safety products. The company's premium and life-saving smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other safety products are well-known for being innovative and reliable devices even in the worst of circumstances. These alarms are easy to install and test, ensuring that homes and their residents are protected right away.

First Alert offers a wide-range of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms. The choice of fire safety alarm will depend on placement location. Bedrooms and living rooms tend to attract smoldering fires, which need alarms that use photoelectric technology. On the other hand, kitchens and offices might lead to fires caused by combustibles and would require alarms with ionization. A combination of both types throughout the home, in addition to carbon monoxide alarms placed around anything that burns fuel, is suggested for every residential space. In fact, many First Alert detectors offer interconnectability, allowing the homeowner to create a thorough safety system throughout the house.

First Alert's detectors are powered in one of three ways: battery, hardwire and plug-in. Hardwire and plug-in models will often allow for battery back-up.

Here at Westside Wholesale, we also provide other First Alert products in addition to their detectors. Escape ladders, security cameras, water testing kits and much more are available.

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