First Alert Motion Sensors

First Alert PIR725
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First Alert PIR725
First Alert Motion Sensor, Screw-In Light Socket
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About First Alert Motion Sensors

The Westside Wholesale always offers the products of the highest quality for home and commercial use, including the goods, designed and produced by the First Alert. This American brand is well-known worldwide, for the products of the best prices, bringing the comfort and reducing the costs of energy. Based in Aurora, Illinois, this company is manufacturing motion sensors, smoke and fire alerts, and some other fire safety products, like escape ladders, fire extinguishers, and the flashlights. These products are of the greatest need in the market of many countries of the world. Now some of them are available in the Westside Wholesale online shop, at the most affordable prices. For example, here some of the motion sensors by the First Alert are available on sale.

Why Motion Detectors? Motion sensors (detectors) are designed and manufactured for security purposes. Houses and offices of the present time must be provided not only with fire and smoke security, but also be protected from the burglars or those who are willing to invade a building intentionally. Motion sensors can detect the moving objects within the big radiuses, so they are very useful for all the types of buildings, either small or big. This kind of electrical equipment is a very good choice not only for homes, but also for big museums, archives, libraries, art galleries, exhibition halls, where security issues are of the greatest value. Furthermore, motion detectors will be very good for business security issues, even for the largest offices. This equipment will help the security guards to control the situation in business buildings and the territory around.

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