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Five Ways to Cut Down on Your Electricity Bill


For homeowners and apartment dwellers alike, one of the easiest ways to save money is buy cutting down on your energy consumption. Many of today’s advanced appliances have auto-shut off or programmable features so there’s no need to about turning everything off before you leave the house. To learn how to save more money on your electricity bill, read our five helpful tips below.

  1. Use Energy Star bathroom fans – Efficient bathroom fans like those made by Nutone or Broan can be set to shut off automatically or timed to turn off with a certain time period.
  2. Use Energy Star range hoods – In addition to removing cooking odors and controlling moisture, Energy Star kitchen range hoods use 60% less energy than standard units.
  3. Use energy-efficient light bulbsLED light bulbs are worth the up-front investment because you can save up to 80% on operating and replacement costs compared to that of standard incandescent light bulbs.
  4. Install a programmable thermostat – By using a programmable thermostat, you can control the temperature settings in your home even when you’re away or while you’re sleeping.
  5. Use light timers and sensors – Many people forget to turn off the lights when they’re stepping out of the house, and the best way to avoid wasting electricity is by using light timers or occupancy sensors. Both are easy ways to ensure your lights turn off automatically when nobody is in the room or when you plan to be away from home.

If you’re a homeowner, some Energy Star appliances and home accessories can qualify you for a tax credit. Not only will you be cutting down on your electricity bill, but you’ll also get a little extra money back when it’s tax time.

Even if you live in an apartment, there are other little things you can do to increase the efficiency of your appliances. For instance, you can check that your air conditioning vents are open and free of dust or debris to make sure your A/C is running optimally. During hotter months, you can improve the air flow in your apartment by using fans to push the hot air up and out of your space.