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About Gerber Knives Fixed Blade Knives

The main priority of Westside Wholesale is to offer its customers a rich selection of top-quality goods from reputable manufacturers at the most attractive prices. Westside Wholesale presents a line of original knives from the industry’s known brand Gerber. The manufacture has extensive experience in making high quality knives given the latest industry trends and best innovative technologies. Thus, the knives ensure comfortable trouble-free use for years. The product line items are designed to need and even exceed the most demanding customer needs, being a perfect addition to any homeowner’s set of tools.

To guarantee extended service live, the knives from the Gerber brand offered for sale by Westside Wholesale feature titanium nitride blade coating, which is resistant to corrosion. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, so it is easy to cut any material. I addition to their eye-pleasing design, the product line items have such outstanding features as anodized aluminum handle for lightweight and durability, an internal finger guard for more safety, thumb stud, as well as a finger clip for one-handed operation. Thus, it easy to store the knives in any glove compartment or toolbox. The features given above make the knives ideal for a variety of around-the-house and outdoor applications.

Westside Wholesale strives to make the search for necessary items easy and comfortable, offering the products in several categories according to their features. To narrow your search, check the blade length categories: 1"" - 3"" blades, 3.1"" - 5"" blades, blades over 7”, and 5.1"" - 7"" blades. In addition, there is an option to navigate between the material type categories: satin polish, black oxide, bead blasted, titanium coated, and metal. Style categories: serrated and straight edge. For more convenience, the knives are categorized given their color: black, gray, and blue. Choose a price category that best suits your budget: $0.00 - $100.00, $100.00 - $200.00.

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