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About LED Lenser Flashlights

Westside Wholesale’s mission is to offer its customers the best selection of high quality products from reputable manufacturers. A product line from one of the lighting industry’s known suppliers LED Lenser includes flashlights made of first-class materials and designed according to the customer highest demands on reliability and extended service life. A wide range of Lenser flashlights offered for sale by Westside Wholesale makes it easy to find a lighting solution that suits your lighting needs.

To make the search easier and more comfortable, Westside Wholesale categorized the flashlights according to their specifications. There is an option to choose given the lumen output: 1 - 200 Lumens, 201 - 300 Lumens, 401 - 500 Lumens, and 601 - 700 Lumens. For more convenience, it is possible to check several color categories: black, red, blue, yellow, and silver. Moreover, the product line includes tactical flashlight as a separate category.

LED Lenser has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing professional flashlights. Its products are made of durable materials in accordance with advanced innovative technologies to ensure excellent lighting in any conditions. Thus, the flashlights are super-bright and shockproof, being resistant to a wide range of temperatures, which makes it possible to enjoy their trouble-free operation at any time and under all conditions.

LED Lenser flashlights available on Westside Wholesale feature the Rapid Focus System technology, which helps to adjust the light beam according to a particular situation: long-distance beam, focused beam, and spill-beam. For even better lighting experience, the flashlights’ lenses feature special prismatic structure to separate the blue spectrum form the white. Due to thoughtful compact design, they can be easily stored in a glove compartment.

Given the features above, LED Lenser flashlights will become an ideal solution for any homeowner’s set of tools. Just decide on the flashlight specifications, choose a color you like, and get your lighting perfection.

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