Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Pool Style PS219
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Pool Style PS219
Pool Style Floating Pool/Spa Chlorine Dispenser - Blue/White
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About Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Equipping your pool with chlorine generators helps maintain a proper chemical balance, keeping pool water clean and healthy. However, not every family can afford such devices. Since Westside Wholesale prides itself in providing its customers with best pool cleaning solutions, it offers a wide extension of affordable and highly efficient Floating Chlorine Dispensers.

Such dispensers allow you to regulate the chlorine balance by simply adjusting the dispensing ring. In addition to that, they don’t require any special maintenance and will provide you with fresh and clean water for entire summer.

Items for sale include automatic chlorinators with in-line or off-line feeders and floating chemical dispensers for tablets of various sizes. No matter what size your pool is, such Floating Chlorine Dispensers will ensure its safe environment by providing it with clean and bacteria-free water. Also, since floating dispensers don’t require any special maintenance and are easily adjusted to your needs, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time and energy that was previously spent on pool cleaning.

In addition to cleaner water, safer environment and automatic operation, installing Floating Chlorine Dispensers in your pool will help you save money in a long run. Here at Westside Wholesale each Floating Chlorine Dispenser features affordable pricing, fast shipping and warranty coming directly from manufacturer. Placing an order only takes few minutes, which also helps you save time.

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