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WasteMaid WM-358
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WasteMaid WM-358
WasteMaid Garbage Disposal, Heavy Duty - 1/2 HP
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About WasteMaid Garbage Disposals

The Westside Wholesale presents the variety of garbage disposals for sale designed and produced by the Waste Maid. These devices are manufactured for commercial and household use and help to shred food wastes into small pieces mixed with water into a liquid with 70% of water. This substance passes through plumbing successfully.

Although garbage disposals are commonly used in the North America, these devices are the superior invention. They help to solve the problem with the wastes utilization that is of the great actuality, concerning ecological issues. It is not a secret that food scraps are of 10-20% of the household wastes, but sometimes they are not so easy to utilize. And garbage disposals can be widely used as the most affordable devices of food wastes utilization, for they are compact, convenient in use, and of the most affordable prices.

Waste Maid garbage disposals presented for sale by the Westside Wholesale are always of the highest quality. They are equipped with 1-1/4 HP high powered motors that easily grind through vegetables, bones, sticks, stems, and much more. The power chords attached make devices easy in installation and replacement. Powerful anti-microbial protection helps to reduce the level of bacteria and odors. Sound shield reduces noise. The grinding chambers in the items are of the largest capacity. The speed master makes devices easy-to-install. The superior torque master provides garbage disposals by the Waste Maid with the laser sharp cutting rings, armature and impellers, high torque permanent magnet motors. In addition, galvanized stainless-steel components make devices durable. 3-10 of warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Garbage disposals by the Waste Maid are always of the well-thought-out quality to make all the customers satisfied with the products of the company.

The Westside Wholesale offers the best items by the Waste Maid, at the most affordable prices, which start at just 84$, discounted to just 60$. This offer is not the only one with discounts, as the company is ready to present even more offers for sale to help the customers to make the right choice and never regret. If not the products by the Waste Maid, it’s just a compromise for prices and quality. The Westside Wholesale recommends only the best products.

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