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At Westside Wholesale customers will find high quality GE light bulbs in many different sizes, shapes, wattages, and color temperature, which guarantees significant energy economy and desirable lightning conditions. We make it possible to choose an ideal lighting product made by the company with over a hundred years of experience and world-famous name.

The company has established itself as the largest leading innovator in light industry. GE developers are dedicated to creation of exceptional lighting solutions. With General Electric it becomes possible to transform ordinary home atmosphere into extraordinary one. GE offers both short- and long-term benefits caused by reduction of energy, less maintenance and much fewer bulb replacements. The broad range of lamps is based on environmentally-friendly technologies only.

GE Halogen lamps are a great replacement for regular incandescent ones. They are energy efficient and available in A-line, globe, decorative, reflector shapes. The light created by them is impressive; it’s possible to use dimming switches to adjust the atmosphere. GE Halogen bulbs deliver a light which is white and crisp, its full output is provided right with turning on.

GE PAR bulbs can be applied to both outdoor and indoor designs. There are various wattages, types, and beam spreads available for customers. Significant light saving costs lie in a one year payback (or less) for the most cases. Company’s PARs provide perfect general illumination in offices, public buildings, accent lighting, and merchandising displays. Warm low light bulbs are more preferable for quite dark indoor spaces, while high light and cool lamps are better for places with daylight.

Demonstrating all fluorescent lamps advantages, GE CFL bulbs ideally fit standard incandescent sockets. These lamps last 10 times longer and provide energy consumption is reduced by 75%. They are especially suitable to illuminate hard-to-reach spots because of wide range of shapes, sizes and wattages.

First began to work with LED direction in 1960s, GE has attained great success in LED bulbs design and production. In company’s production personal innovative electrical, optical and thermal technologies are combined with best existing components by GE engineers to create LED commercial lighting optimized for outstanding performance.

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