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GE Timer Switches presented by Westside Wholesale are innovative and easy to install timers that can be used in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Here are some of the features these timers are able to offer apart from providing energy saving solutions:

  • Easy and convenient controls;
  • Programmable working cycle up to one week;
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor;
  • Can replace standard wall switches;
  • Can replace older spring-wound timers;
  • Work with heaters, lamps, pumps and fans;
  • Direct wire installation with no neutral wire needed;
  • Timers can be set to 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute intervals;
  • Compatible with standard wall plates;
  • Automatic programmable daily cycle for outdoor models;
  • Setting maintenance during power loss;
  • High quality materials and weather resistant design.

Replacing old switches with GE timers improves the overall convenience of the house and brings professional energy saving and thus money saving solutions in every home. Here are some of the advantages you’ll be able to enjoy with GE Timer Switches:

  • Innovative energy saving technologies use less electricity and save up to 3% of money spent monthly on energy bills;
  • Variable timing options help control different devices in a house depending on their location and type;
  • No need to worry about forgetting to turn the fan or lights OFF, from now on this will be the GE Timer Switcher’s job. Each device in the house can be programmed to automatically turn OFF after a person leaves the room or bathroom;
  • Controls are made in a clear and easy way so that every person would be able to use them;
  • Easy mounting can be performed by any contractor or a person that knows what to do with a wire and a screwdriver;
  • GE Timer Switches are compatible with standard wall plates that can be selected to match the décor of any room;
  • Westside Wholesale provides affordable prices for GE Timer Switches. Free 3-day delivery and up to 10% discounts are also available for items purchased in a bundle.
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